It doesn't work without regulations:

at least not for us!

We develop and produce our own brands in the field of medical products and cosmetics. For this we have access to a large network of audited, international manufacturers throughout Europe and Asia. In the manufacture of all contractual products, the regulatory requirements and relevant legal provisions, in particular the Medical Devices Act (MPG) and all (medical devices) regulations (MP-V., MPS-V., MPBetrieb-V., DIMDI-V., etc …) are in the focus.

As a result, the products we deliver comply with the rules of good manufacturing practice (GMP).


The WLP "private label laboratory":

Together with our customers, we develop and produce tailor-made and innovative (medical) products based on customer requirements and position the individual product portfolios.
The basis of our work is our DIN EN 13485: 2016 certificate as well as that of our suppliers.

This has a positive influence on the business value increase.

Ice Cold Pain Relief Patch

For temporary pain relief from sprains, strains, muscle and joint pain

  • cool pain relief treatment without the risk of burning the skin

  • good grip even when moving

  • always ready to use

  • cooling effect lasting up to 6 hours

  • pleasant skin feeling



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